Scavengers - Badger


"Badgers have never had no nobility, Badgers don't get no stories. From the start we were driven underground. But we didn't whine about it.

We just started digging."



Badger is a Spirit who's connected. If you need something, anything at all, Badger knows a guy who knows a guy, and is happy to introduce you.
For a nominal fee.

Badger's underground networks will never do you wrong, and he's never turned his back on someone who didn't basically deserve it. Your ol' pal Badger is a Spirit of the people, and he just wants to keep the information flowing and free.

Well, not 'free', but y'know, available.

To follow Badger is to become part of a greater, more open community, one that looks out for one another.

To follow Badger is to support a Spirit that's not afraid to get his paws dirty, to get stuck in there, and get you the truth no matter how tough it may be.

Also, Badger has the better merchandise. Limited edition Badger Badge, anyone?

Join the side of the Badger.

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