Scavengers - Fox


"And now, the proud and noble line of Fox has fled to… cities. To rout through… bins. On my duty, I have followed them. But not to take your scraps, no! I am here to restore the Fox’s honoured name! To raise my people back to the status they deserve!"



Fox is well known by all as a Spirit of dignity, of honour, and of integrity.

A gentleman in manner and action, a veteran of battle and leadership,
an all-round champion of the things that make our country great.

So he'll be damned if he'll tolerate cheek from some upstart little rat-boy!

There's a war on! We cannot and we will not be waylaid by the petty dealings of a dirty street merchant. Badger may try to influence you with his wares and so called 'street-smarts', but Fox knows that you are far too righteous and intelligent to by hoodwinked by such low behaviour.

In Fox, you have a Spirit you can truly rely on. For generations he has protected his brethren from the nobility of man as they practiced their so called 'sport'. The once noble name of Fox may have fallen for now, but the followers of Fox have an innate grace and cunning that cannot be suppressed.

The Spirit of Fox understands the ways of battle, and the gravitas of the war faced by the Great Animal Spirits. He shall tell their story in a way that retains the glory, but also the gravity of the situation on the other side.

Fellows. Countrymen. Citymen. We will not be swayed. We will not falter.

Fox will show us the way to victory.

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