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Victoria Tunnah


Victoria came to the first open group audition that Hidden Track ever held as a professional company, and she has been an indispensible member of the team ever since.

A deeply charismatic and highly versatile performer, she has led her audiences through the trees in As the Sun Goes Down, deceived them as a hidden actor in Boxes, and taught people to cheat and steal in Scavengers.

She has also supported the design, production and script development of many of our shows, and acted as a facilitator for You, Me and a Scary Story, sweetly persuading people to give up their phones and walk blindfolded and alone into an abandoned industrial fridge.

Victoria has also trained at the Independent Centre for Actor Training, Propel Acting School, and DNA Acting amongst others, as well as acting and writing for many different companies in and around Manchester.

(But she likes Hidden Track best, you can tell.)



"The show is stolen from them, though, quite purposefully by Victoria Tunnah. Boxes will surprise and delight you."
- Steven Ireland, The Good Review

"My sympathies certainly shifted throughout the piece, aided considerably by Tunnah’s well-judged transformation from captive to controlling."
- Bridey Addison-Child,

"Victoria Tunnah is delightful as the impish and ill-educated Delores."
- Brian Gorman, The Public Reviews

"Tori Tunnah played the incredibly sweet Nurse Kelly with a great amount of charm. ★★★★★ "
- Tracey-Ann Thompson, The Good Review


Theatre credits include:

Scavengers - (Hidden Track; Chorlton Green)

Boeing Boeing - (ICAT; Three Minute Theatre)

Boxes - (PYFO Productions/Hidden Track; Contact Theatre)

The Last Motel(Sheepish Productions; Sweet Venues)

Be My Baby - (Asphalt Roses; The Kings Arms)

The Secret Garden - (Salford Arts Theatre)

As the Sun Goes Down - (Hidden Track; Chorlton Park)

V for Vendetta - (Scythe Productions; Lass O' Gowrie)


Film credits include:

Loved App - (Manchester Film School)

Reformed - (James Keysell Productions)

Dark Moon - (Dark Moon Productions)

My Kin - (Prissy Productions)